Annually I take part in and help organize Baltimore Fun A Day. I am recruiting artists to be a part of this growing annual event. We have been around since 2012! We have seen all types of amazing art from so many artists. Last year, we had an artists that created images with melted crayon. We have photographers, oil painters, acrylic painters, pastel artists, pencil/graphic artists. The show is open to all ages/all skill levels. It is a non-juried show. The idea is to keep artists creative and working in their medium during the winter months. As you know, there is usually not much for artists to do in the winter time. This show is all about keeping the creative juices flowing during the colder months. The premise: artists pick a project and create art in that medium or about that subject for every day in January. In February or March all the participating artists get together and we have a large group show at a local venue. For the last two years, we have been fortunate to have the wonderful space at Joe Squared on North Avenue in the North Arts District of Baltimore donated to our cause. Last year we took over Joe Squared with an amazingly full house on opening night. Joe Squared allowed our work to hang for about 6 weeks. The staff was amazing at tracking sales and contacting the artist to turn over money. They even took special care of one of my pieces after the piece fell and the glass shattered. We are looking forward to having an even larger show for 2018 and taking over all of the wall space upstairs and downstairs at Joe Squared.

We tell artists that this is their show and there are a few things they can do to make it successful, 1. Create 2. Tell family and friends to come out and support 3. Invite other artist. 4. This show is about them and their art. All artists must present and produce original works of art. The show is free and open to artists in all mediums: Photography, Painting, Graphic Design, Music, Dance, Poetry, Jewelry Making, Sculpting, etc… The show is free to the public. There are no sponsors. Artists can choose to sell or not sell their work.

Please feel free to share this information with the artists you may know or others that would be interested. This is an opportunity for artists to network, make new connections, reconnect with old friends, or create new partnerships, etc… Many of the artists come back year after year for this fun activity. And, we are always welcoming new members to the FAD family.

Again this is an all ages, all skills, non-juried FREE event.

I look forward to seeing your work in the show!!!!

Registration information is on the Flyer.

If you have any questions, my best contact is through this email address.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

YouTube video for Bert Hall’s band Mangog

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Black Lives Matter

17234887115_21dd3af66c_kHere is my response to a comment left on my graphic of Baltimore City exclaiming Black Lives Matter…

There is a lack of faith in the Black Community that cuts to the bone. That we aren’t worth anything…Once we were Kings and Queens and we had mighty armies. We even came to this continent freed. However, years of conditioning and world input into how we should view ourselves now shape our world outlook as a whole……It is not an easy place from which one can ascend without self enlightenment. And while the idea of enlightenment is attainable, many will remain in the dark from fear and mistrust of anyone and anything that says they can be other. And it isn’t just about believing in yourself worth…

This [image] speaks to the beast just beneath the surface… The perpetuated hate and mistreatment that has been constant since slavery….Police brutality is the new weapon of choice to keep Black people from aspiring and dreaming. You are what you experience whether directly or indirectly. It is in the group consciousness. This speaks to the Trayvon Martin’s, the Freddie Gray’s and all those that have gone nameless… that have perished on and off camera.

Here in Baltimore we stand at the precipice of a Ferguson. We had a young Black Man, Mr. Freddie Gray die from injuries to his spinal cord sustained during his arrest. People have been protesting. The tension is high. Yesterday, I drove through the area, less than a mile from my family home. If anything were to start a riot, the tension – unexploded ordinance – in this Baltimore City neighborhood would set it off immediately.

Baltimore’s new claim to fame is not about the Ravens or O’s but a police brutality without answers…. The world is watching. The question is…how will this change or make history. Will it just be another pebble in an already overflowing river?

The World is watching you Baltimore. The world wants to know what you are going to do.

Further Reading:

What we know about the Freddie Gray case

If you wish to use this image see links below:

Flickr: (This is a link to where you can download the image for use. It does have limited rights.)

RedBubble: (BLM products, prints can be purchased here)

Twenty 20: (Fee based downloads)

Creative Energy

Sometimes I forget I need to sleep. When I am on a creative track, I will sometimes keep working on a piece into the late hours of the night. My mind is so full of ideas that fuel my energy level and I will keep going and going until I stop to look at a clock. Hours may pass, but when I am creating it only seems like only a few minutes have passed.

This evening I DIYED a print rack for my upcoming art show on DC. I know you can get a fairly decent one for about $25 or more. For that price I am making two of them.

I went to my local home improvement center and purchased some precut PVC, some Krylon Spray Paint, screws and wing nuts. I found black fabric at the thrift store.

I had to measure and recut the PVC with a saw because they were not all the same length. Since I wanted this to close like a snack table I drilled holes through 4 of the poles that made up the legs. I fastened them together with machine screws. Unfortunately the wing nuts were to big. Luckily I had some nuts on hand from another project. After I got everything laid out, I used some all in one pipe sealant.

I know I left off a few steps, but I will try to remember to post a step by step DIY. Sleep has hunted me down and has me cornered. I must give in. Sweet dreams.

Oh I included beginning and ending photos.

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Art Is Life Tour

I will be participating in the April 11th Art is Life Tour, Sports Zone Elite, 3140 M St NW, ,b/t N 31st St & N Wisconsin Ave, Georgetown, Washington, DC 20007. 8 PM

ALTThe ART IS life Tour is a reflection of true rawness, where an intense mode of uniqueness is expressed through music and spoken word. This is not your regular scheduled poetry jam; this tour explores the mind of an artist. The purpose of this ARTIST tour is to embrace the importance of art, music, and spoken word and how it breaks barriers in the community.

For More information and ticket sales visit


My fortune read, “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” That’s interesting. I’ve been trying to figure out who I really am for a while now. There are titles that I and others have used to describe who I am or think I am…. daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, auntie, friend…. And then there are the professional titles that define what I do…photographer, blogger, business owner, employee. But none of them really express who I am as a total being. I am so much more than any of these titles alone or together. I am so much more. And even though science can figure us out based on DNA… I am still more. But what? Who am I? I’ve pulled down the curtains, opened the windows and doors to my soul. I’ve rattled the bones in my own skeleton closet. I’m still searching. Still trying to figure out who I am.

Growing up and turning out to be who you really are is more than just growing up and experiencing life. It is a deeper soul searching. It is literally examining everything you thought you knew about yourself or learned about yourself and holding it to the light of truth. Sometimes we don’t like what we find or maybe we don’t understand it, and we shut the door and throw away the key. I guess this is where the courage part comes in to play. I guess it takes courage and a bit of willingness to be open about what you may find out about who you are. I am learning that I am a deeper spiritual being capable of anything and everything.

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